Dan Patrick’s SB2 is a big deal for future Charter Moms and Dads

Good news for future Charter Moms and Charter Dads: there’s a bill in the Texas Senate right now, SB2, that would lift the arbitrary cap on the number of charters in Texas, would provide some funding for charter school facilities, and includes a whole package of best practices that would improve public education in Texas. The measures in the bill, if passed, should help the thousands of families on waiting lists to find places at charter schools.

State Senator Dan Patrick, chairman of the Senate Education Committee, introduced SB2 on Monday, February 18, and the committee held a hearing on SB2 on Thursday, February 21.

News clippings from the day of the hearing:

News clippings from the day the bill was filed:

Also, here are two opinion-editorials by Sen. Dan Patrick himself:

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