“Dinosaur Stampede” opens at the San Antonio Botanical Garden

UPDATE: This exhibit has now closed.

The “Dinosaur Stampede” exhibit opened today at the San Antonio Botanical Garden. Opening day activities included rock and fossil exhibits, art projects (masks and crayon rubbings), an obstacle course, face painting, and a food stand with raspas and nachos. Come back any day until December 31 to check out the amazing dinosaur models.


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  1. We can’t wait to go. Thanks for sharing all about it, Inga! Do you know if they’re having special activities through Monday since it’s a holiday?

    • Colleen, the special activities were just for the first day, I think. 🙁

      When you go, be sure to pick up a map so you can find the dinosaurs all over the park. We are planning to go back several times to look for more.

    • Alvina, the map says there are 11 dinosaur exhibits spread all over the park. We got tired before we found all of them.

      My daughter tried to jump the rope to get up close to the Allosaurus. 🙂 We were able to get as close as 10 feet away from it. In the conservatories (Quetzalcoatlus, Bambiraptor) we got even closer.

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