Downtown San Antonio skyline reveals a cluster of charter schools

Downtown San Antonio skyline with charter schools marked | San Antonio Charter Moms

The other day, I walked up to the Overlook at the San Antonio Botanical Garden to stretch my legs and enjoy the view. Of course, since I have charter schools on the brain, I looked see how many campuses I could identify.

In the photo, I’ve marked the Tower of the Americas and downtown San Antonio (the Weston Centre) for reference. Great Hearts will be leasing at Temple Beth-El (earlier post). KIPP University Prep is leasing at Trinity Baptist Church (earlier post). (KIPP Un Mundo and KIPP Camino are nearby, but not visible on the skyline.) IDEA Carver is off to the left, blocked by the Lucile Halsell Conservatory.

So, as you can see from this photo, a cluster of high-performing charter schools is forming near downtown San Antonio. These charter schools have the potential to make San Antonio’s inner neighborhoods more attractive to families. (This earlier post speculates about school-driven housing decisions.)

Readers, were schools a factor when you decided where to live?

Will high-performing charter schools attract families to San Antonio's downtown neighborhoods? | San Antonio Charter Moms

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