Editors support Brainpower Initiative (sales tax for pre-K)

From Sunday’s editorial in the San Antonio Express-News:

There are about 20,000 4-year-olds in San Antonio. Approximately 4,000 of them either lack access to full-day pre-K programs or are eligible but not enrolled. The Brainpower Initiative would target this group that slips through the cracks of federal, state and local school district eligibility with a pre-K program modeled on national best practices.

Children who arrive at kindergarten unprepared enter the public education system at a major disadvantage. Often, that disadvantage becomes permanent. Numerous studies show the benefits of pre-K education, from decreasing the likelihood of being placed in special education classes or being held back to increasing graduation rates.

“Strong case exists for pre-K plan”San Antonio Express-News, July 8, 2012.

The editorial appeared with a cartoon by John Branch.

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