Education Election 2020: Analysis of San Antonio and Texas Races

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In our house, it’s always an Education Election. How will the November 3, 2020 election affect education issues in San Antonio and Texas? Here is our analysis of state and local races, with links to reliable news sources. Also, here are the election results from the San Antonio Express-News.

San Antonio ISD Bonds

Voters approved both sets of bonds for San Antonio ISD to improve campus facilities and technology.

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City of San Antonio Initiatives

The sales tax that funds Pre-K 4 SA will continue for the next eight years.

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School Board Trustees

In North East ISD, incumbents Sandy Hughey (District 1), Omar Leos (District 3), David Beyer (District 4), and Shannon Grona (District 5) are likely to win their races. In District 6, Robert “Steve” Hilliard is likely to win a plurality over incumbent Tony Jaso.

In South San Antonio ISD, in District 1, Gina Villagomez defeated incumbent Veronica Barba. In District 2, Ernesto Arrellano Jr. won. Connie Prado did not win a seat on the Alamo Colleges board of trustees, so will continue to serve as a trustee in South San.

In Southwest ISD, Pete “Pedro” Bernal III defeated incumbent Mike Frazier, who had served on the board since 1980. Yolanda Garza-Lopez was re-elected.

In surrounding areas: New Braunfels ISD voters elected John E. Tucker as trustee for District 4 and Nancy York as trustee for District 2.

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Alamo Colleges Trustees

For the Alamo Colleges board of trustees, in District 2, Gloria Ray is likely to defeat incumbent Jose A. Macias Jr. In District 9, there will likely be a runoff between Leslie Sachanowicz and incumbent Joe Jesse Sanchez.

In District 4, there will likely be a runoff between Lorena “Lorraine” Pulido and Jose “Joe” Gallegos. Connie Prado came in fourth, and so she will not resign her seat on the South San Antonio ISD school board.

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Texas House of Representatives

In District 121, on the Northside of San Antonio, Steve Allison (R)—an advocate for traditional public schools—won re-election. The Republicans retain a majority in the Texas House of Representatives.

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Texas Senate

In District 19, on the Southside of San Antonio and parts of West Texas, Roland Gutierrez (D) defeated incumbent Pete Flores (R). The Republicans retain a majority in the Texas Senate.

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Texas State Board of Education

In District 5, which includes the Northside of San Antonio, the south side of Austin, and several Hill Country counties, Rebecca Bell-Metereau (D) Lani Popp (R). Republicans retain a majority on the Texas State Board of Education.

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education election 2020 san antonio texas

Takeaways From an Education Election

It’s important for parents and caregivers to stay informed about who represents them, especially in the Texas Legislature, which will be in session in January through May 2021, and will decide many issues affecting schools in San Antonio. We’ve written about being a parent advocate and talking with your kids about why it’s important to vote. We’ve had Starlee Coleman, CEO of the Texas Public Charter Schools Association as a guest on Charter Moms Chats to talk about Charters 101. Join us in the San Antonio Charter Moms discussion group on Facebook for non-partisan discussion of education issues.

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