Event: KIPP:SA First Friday Breakfast

KIPP: San Antonio holds a recurring event, First Friday Breakfast, for people who want to learn more about KIPP.

The UPrep campus hosted the May breakfast this morning. CEO Mark Larson introduced Chéla Wallace, an inspiring science teacher who helped found the campus. Ms. Wallace invited everyone at the breakfast to think about purpose and what brought them to the KIPP campus that day. She also read letters from students who sometimes find it uncomfortable to be placed under such high expectations—but who appreciate the results. The meeting continued with a talk by a poised and well-spoken student, and with a campus tour.

The campus facilities are modest, but there are unmistakable signs of hard work, like the community art garden for “The Pleasures of Eating,” a joint effort between the KIPP students and artist Mark Menjivar:

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