Express-News endorsements for State Board of Education general election

The San Antonio Express-News editorial board recently published its endorsements for the two San Antonio-area seats on the State Board of Education. “Incumbent SBOE member must go”, San Antonio Express-News, October 16, 2012.

  • No endorsement for District 3 (South Side and South Texas)
  • Rebecca Bell-Metereau for District 5 (North Side and Hill Country)

District 3 candidate Marisa B. Perez had an awkward interview with the editorial board; they complained that she had not returned their calls, and they were concerned that she had recently accepted a job at San Antonio ISD (doing community outreach) that appeared to compromise her position at SBOE. However, I met Perez at the Olmos Bharmacy event and was impressed with a bright young woman who is ready to learn.

Regarding District 5 incumbent Ken Mercer, the board concludes: “He and his colleagues have used their public offices to promote their personal beliefs and force them into a curriculum that has made Texas the laughingstock of the nation.”

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