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Founders Classical Academy Online is a full-time online public school option that offers students in grades K–8 a classical education model with an emphasis on civics and U.S. History. The Founders Classical Academy Online programs in Texas and Arkansas are accepting applications for enrollment for the current school year. We have put together a guide to help you learn more about how Founders Classical Academies has adapted its classical curriculum to virtual school, and how you can take steps to enroll your children in Founders Classical Academy Online.

About Founders Classical Academy Online

Parents have the option to choose among many education models, including classical education. The opportunity to have one’s child formed in the classical model can have great benefits and should be given careful consideration. Parents can also choose between in-person school and online school. There is no doubt that virtual education is warranted in our current times—it is both useful and economical, and gives even greater access to classical education—although schools that offer classical education in a virtual setting are few and far between. The leaders at Founders Classical Academy asked themselves: Can virtual education be classical, and done well? These questions were given a thoughtful “yes,” and so Founders Classical Academy Online was conceived.

Classical education has grown over the years to give families and students a proper taste of what so many great thinkers were seeking, namely Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in a formal classroom setting. Being formed in the liberal arts and sciences gave so many thinkers, to include the American Founding Fathers, a concentrated education based in the Western canon, where thoughts are challenged, independent and free thinking is encouraged, and quality rhetoric is fostered. As part of the Founders Classical Academies, Founders Classical Academy Online encourages its students to investigate the world, inquire about everything, read great literature, and discuss lofty ideas. This approach starts in kindergarten and continues through the eighth grade.

The nature of classical education is to take the tried-and-true methods of teaching children and implement them in the contemporary setting. The “newest” and “best” trends in education have not stood the test of time, and so it is not necessarily wise to adopt them. Founders Classical Academies have proven year after year that the classical model works, not only through high test scores, but also by offering a well-rounded education. The Founders Classical Academy network has a set of 12 commitments that are a cornerstone for a Founders education, whether in the bricks-and-mortar schools or in a virtual setting. These commitments to virtue, minds-on learning, cultural literacy and civility, phonics and grammar, Greek and Latin, and classical written works drive the focus of both faculty and students. Because it is based in the liberal arts, the Founders Classical Academy curriculum is not meant to train students for a trade; rather, the “liberal” in liberal arts means “free,” and so students embark on a journey to free their minds to think about the world through a well-formed mind and character.

Unique Features of Founders Classical Academy Online

What separates Founders Classical Academies from other classical models is the emphasis on teaching civics and American history. The very title of the schools, “Founders,” gives an image of what the priorities are for an FCA school. The story of America’s founding is the very fabric through which the curriculum is woven.

What separates Founders Classical Academy Online from its brick-and-mortar peers is the very nature of how the education is brought to life. The campus of Founders Classical Academy Online exists virtually in homes of all the children who are studying the curriculum. It is wherever the faculty are breathing life into the curriculum. The space for learning is not limited to classrooms, desks, hallways, and lockers. This allows students to give full attention to the curriculum and gives teachers more focused time to give individualized attention to students. That said, all that a student needs is curricular materials and computer with a camera and a microphone. The process of education and character formation can be simple, while letting the ideas and discussions be complex. Founders Classical Academy Online is a virtual program, but the emphasis is not on technology; students will write on paper, learn to speak formally, and read out of physical books. They certainly are virtual, but they are still classical through and through.

Founders Classical Academy in the Greater San Antonio Area

Founders Classical Academy Online serves students in grades K–8 across Texas and Arkansas. They are accepting applications for enrollment for the current school year. There are eligibility requirements to participate in full-time online school; find more details in the FAQs. Get answers to your questions about enrollment by calling 877-594-3415, emailing, or reaching out through the website.

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Founders Classical Academy has a bricks-and-mortar campus in the greater San Antonio area. Founders Classical Academy of Schertz serves students in grades K–12 and is located on the Northeast Side of the San Antonio metropolitan area at 8453 E FM 1518 North, Schertz, TX 78154 (map). Founders Classical Academy of Schertz has a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and the parent organization, the Hoplite Council of Founders Classical Academy—Schertz, is on Facebook and Instagram. On the school’s most recent report card, they earned a C accountability rating. As a district, ResponsiveEd earned a grade of B, as you can see on the district report card.

Download the free San Antonio Charter Schools app for an interactive map that includes the Founders Classical Academy of Schertz campus and many more. You can also find campus information about Founders Classical Academy (and many other schools of choice) in our Guide to Charter Schools in San Antonio

Facts About Founders Classical Academy

The Founders Classical Academy model started in 2012 with a campus in Lewisville, Texas, and now has schools across Texas and Arkansas. The ResponsiveEd charter management organization, which was founded in 1998, includes other school models like Premier High Schools and the Foundation School for Autism. Founders Classical Academies are open enrollment charter schools, which means they don’t charge tuition, there are no selective admission requirements, and they are open to all students—including special education, 504 plans, and English language learners. 

If you are seeking a classical education model for your students, and a virtual school option would suit them best, then we recommend you apply for enrollment at Founders Classical Academy Online. You are also welcome to join the San Antonio Charter Moms discussion group to learn more and interact with current Founders Classical Academy families.

Charter Moms Chats

Watch Jaeil “Jay” Kim, Program Director/Headmaster for Founders Classical Academy Online, Linnea Johnstone, Dean of Academics and Fourth Grade Teacher, Jennifer Moore, Middle School History and Literature Teacher, and Ray Bergez, Project Manager, speak with Inga Cotton on Charter Moms Chats on August 17, 2023 at 4:00 PM Central live on Facebook and YouTube.

Jaeil “Jay” Kim is the Program Director/Headmaster at Founders Classical Academy Online.

Linnea Johnstone is the Dean of Academics and Fourth Grade Teacher at Founders Classical Academy Online.

Jennifer Moore is the Middle School History and Literature Teacher at Founders Classical Academy Online.

Ray Bergez is the Project Manager at Founders Classical Academy Online.

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