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We_the_People get your own pocket ConstitutionIt was an honor to present at BlogItSA! at Geekdom on Saturday. My topic was “Legal Issues for Bloggers” and I brought props to liven things up. The surprise hit was my pocket Constitution—surprising to me, because it seems normal to have a pocket Constitution lying around. My copy was produced by the Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution in 1986; I got it for free when I was in law school.

Do you want your very own pocket Constitution? I found several low-cost sources online:

From the National Center for Constitutional Studies, send a self addressed envelope with $0.65 postage to

37777 W. Juniper Rd.
Malta, ID 83342

From, send your request and a check for $3.00 made out to Oak Hill Publishing Company to

Oak Hill Publishing Company
Free Book Offer
Box 6473
Naperville, IL 60567

Of course there’s

I get misty-eyed thinking about the United States Constitution; throughout American history, its principles have guided our (bumpy) progress towards greater justice and freedom. The pocket Constitution is a handy reference for lawyers, but it’s also an essential teaching tool for sharing these values with our kids.

There are more teaching tools online: for examples, from the National Archives, images of the original Constitution and a transcript. And don’t forget that September 17 is Constitution Day.

Do you have tips for teaching history and civics to your kids? Please share in the comments.

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