[Giveaway] Barefoot Books: Bilingual Bear builds vocabulary in English and Spanish

Barefoot Books Bilingual Bear giveaway | San Antonio Charter Moms

UPDATE: This giveaway has closed.

Reading is the key to unlocking so much knowledge over a lifetime. That is why my kids and I spend so much time reading: me reading out loud to them, or them reading out loud to me, or looking for words to read in our environment. We take many trips to the library and the bookstore for story time and to check out more books.

Recently I learned about a new way to stock up on books. My friend Veronica Rouse is an ambassador for Barefoot Books (also on Facebook & Twitter). My first experience with Barefoot Books was downloading the Barefoot World Atlas app for iPad and iPhone ($4.99). The app covers important basic knowledge about geography, but in a stylish, cute, and accessible way. Their hard-copy books have the same qualities, and also are printed on thick, sustainable paper.

The Barefoot Books catalog includes nods towards the classics, such as “The Adventures of Odysseus” and “Shakespeare’s Storybook”, and well-curated multicultural titles, such as “Stories from the Silk Road”. Young children can grab onto board books such as “How Big is a Pig?” with fabric-art illustrations by Clare Beaton.

The Bear Bilinguals series follows a big handsome bear as he goes about his day in a world where lots of things are labeled in English and Spanish—a great way to build vocabulary. Veronica gave me two books, “Bear about Town/Oso en la ciudad” and “Bear at Home/Oso en casa”, to share with you. To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this blog post: What is your favorite pair of English/Spanish words? At the end of the month, September 30, 2013, I will randomly choose a winner from among the commenters. I will contact you by email and make arrangements to ship the books (within the U.S.) to you at my expense. If you enter the giveaway, please help spread the word about Barefoot Books by sharing this blog post on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.

Ready to order your own books, host a Barefoot Books party, or organize a fundraiser for your school? Contact Veronica through her website, on Facebook, or Twitter.

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