Great Hearts Western Hills: New Campus Coming to San Antonio in 2018-19

Great Hearts Western Hills opening in fall 2018 | San Antonio Charter Moms

Exciting, long-awaited news: a new Great Hearts campus is coming to San Antonio in fall 2018.

Great Hearts Western Hills will be located at 8702 Ingram Rd., San Antonio, TX 78245 (map). The school will serve grades K-4 in 2018-19, eventually expanding to 12th grade.

Current Great Hearts Texas campuses:

The Great Hearts school model offers classical education at a tuition-free public charter school. (What is a charter school? Read more from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools and Texas Charter Schools Association.)

On a personal note, my kids, F.T. and G.N., are enrolled at Great Hearts Monte Vista South; and F.T. has been there since the founding. It has been a great education for them, even though they have different learning styles. The school is inclusive towards students with special needs, like F.T.

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