Guide to Enrolling at Heritage Academy in San Antonio for 2023–24

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Heritage Academy is a network of open enrollment charter schools that offer enhanced educational opportunities to all students. Heritage Academy is currently accepting applications for enrollment for the current school year, and soon will hold open enrollment for the 2024–25 school year. We have put together a guide to help you learn more and take steps to enroll your child.

About Heritage Academy 

The mission of Heritage Academy is to provide hope to students through a caring and supportive environment. Students are challenged to achieve their fullest potential. They cultivate values that build character to become responsible and productive members of society.

Their comprehensive core curriculum, which underscores the cultivation of virtuous character and civic responsibility, is presented in a manner as to encourage each child’s motivation to explore, discover, and learn.

The academic program is built around four pillars

  • The atmosphere of the environment: Students learn in an environment that exercises the mind and inspires the heart.
  • The disciplines of life: Teachers help students develop good daily habits to support learning. 
  • The presentation of living ideas: Students encounter the ideas of great authors, mathematicians, artists, poets, and musicians—a hallmark of classical education. 
  • The science of relations in the 21st century: Students discover unity within core subjects as they engage with one another and the great ideas of a liberal arts curriculum.  

The school culture supports an atmosphere of honor, kindness, and scholarship. They afford every student the self-determination to engage in an abundance of academic and social experiences that expand the universe and the world around them.

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Campuses in San Antonio and Del Rio

Heritage Academy has two campuses in Texas: one in San Antonio and one in Del Rio, a city roughly 150 miles to the west of San Antonio. On the district’s most recent school report card, they earned an A rating on alternative standards. The list below includes links to each campus’s school report cards. 

Download the free San Antonio Charter Schools app for an interactive map that includes these campuses and many more. You can also find campus information about this school (and many other schools of choice) on our page Guide to Charter Schools in San Antonio.

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How to Enroll

Families can apply online to enroll their children at Heritage Academy in San Antonio and Del Rio, Texas. Enrollment for the current 2023–24 school year is ongoing, with limited seats available in some grades. Beginning and ending dates for the open enrollment period for the upcoming 2024–25 school year will be announced soon. 

On the website, families can fill out a contact form for the San Antonio campus and the Del Rio campus. Families who have questions about the enrollment process can call the campus: San Antonio 210-354-7753 and Del Rio at 830-774-6230. 

We also recommend following these social media accounts:

We also recommend joining the San Antonio Charter Moms discussion group on Facebook to post questions and search previous discussions about Heritage Academy.

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Facts About Heritage Academy

Dr. Ray Lynn White is the Principal of Heritage Academy of San Antonio. The school offers supports like after school tutoring. Students participate in sports like volleyball, basketball, and flag football.

If you like what you have learned so far about Heritage Academy, we recommend that you apply for enrollment now. You are also welcome to join the San Antonio Charter Moms discussion group to learn more and interact with current Heritage Academy families.

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