Leadership change at South San Antonio ISD

Back in May, with the help of unflappable Express-News writer Francisco Vara-Orta, we observed the dysfunction and factionalism on the board of South San Antonio ISD. (Read more in this earlier post.) The question then: When would the South San school board fire Superintendent Rebecca Robinson?

Well, Robinson resigned. More coverage:

Now what? Will the new superintendent and the school board address the financial concerns that Robinson raised before her resignation?

The final straw for [Robinson] came at the Wednesday board meeting when trustees met behind close doors for more than three hours to discuss a letter she had drafted, at the urging of the district legal counsel, in which she outlined various financial problems she uncovered.

“They weren’t listening to me. Instead of focusing on the issues and problems, they were trying to find how to pin it on me,” she said.

Among the items Robinson cites in her letter is noncompliance by the district with state budgets and the payment of unallowable positions with state and federal funds. She also expressed concern that the fund balance went down at a time most other school districts grew theirs due to the stimulus funding for public education.

She warned that the district’s budget adoption is not in compliance with TEA guidelines, and that leaves the district vulnerable to having taxpayers seek an injunction to freeze the district’s payroll and payments to vendors.

“Robinson’s departure shines light on South San dysfunction”, Gloria Padilla, San Antonio Express-News, July 20, 2013 (on Mysa.com).

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  1. The students in the South San District are the ones that are suffering in all of this. I was talking to a teacher that just left the district, for many of the reasons outlined above. She spoke of the disorganization and the bad press that the district is always getting. It’s unfortunate that those kid’s educations are going down the tubes while the adults that are supposed to be teaching and protecting them are selfishly looking out for only themselves. I think someone else does need to step in and regulate the district if they can’t get it together, at least in until things are under control.

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