Link: Presidential campaigns aren’t talking about charter schools

In an April 26, 2012 post, “School Reform: Why Romney and Obama Aren’t Talking about Education”, on the School of Thought blog at TIME Ideas, Andrew J. Rotherham expresses frustration that the Obama and Romney presidential campaigns are not talking about education reform.

Rotherman notes that, as governor, Romney “championed charter schools and rigorous standards.” As a presidential candidate, Romney says that education reform is up to the states and the federal government should step out.

Obama “has compiled an impressive record on education, including an unprecedented focus on turning around low-performing schools, a federal grant competition that sparked the biggest wave of state education policy change ever, and an emphasis on tough issues like teacher evaluation and data that will pay dividends far into the future.” But his campaign literature doesn’t talk about these accomplishments.

How do we stop politicians from ducking the issues on education reform?

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