Little DOers Preschool at The DoSeum Offers Early Childhood Education in San Antonio’s Premiere Children’s Museum

students at Little Doers preschool at The DoSeum

We are proud to share this post focusing on Little DOers Preschool, a high-quality early childhood program located at The DoSeum, San Antonio’s premiere children’s museum. Look to the bottom of this page for links to more information about preschools, pre-K, and early childhood education.

Little DOers Preschool
2800 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209 (map)
Kathy Jordan, Director, Little DOers Preschool
Richard Kissel, Ph.D., Chief Program Officer, The DoSeum

You may know The DoSeum as San Antonio’s premiere children’s museum, home to an impressive menu of interactive exhibits, events, camps, and classes designed to stimulate young minds. What you may not know is that it is home to the Little DOers Preschool, which continues the museum’s objective of combining interactive fun with hands-on learning.

Culture at Little DOers Preschool

Formerly known as San Antonio Children’s Museum, The DoSeum has transformed itself over the past 25 years, emerging as a leader in informal education while staying rooted in the original mission of connecting families and transforming communities. Since 2015, Little DOers Preschool has supported and enhanced that mission, offering three- and four-year olds the opportunity for hands-on learning in what might be the coolest classroom in town.

“Our students spend part of the day learning in the museum’s interactive galleries,” says Director Kathy Jordan. “We take them out in the morning before it opens to the public, so they have plenty of time to explore and learn.”

Families choose from a Monday/Wednesday, Tuesday/Thursday, or Friday-only schedule, with a three-day option available upon request. Children attend class from 9 AM to noon, with extended care options available from noon until 3 PM.

The philosophy of Little DOers is play-based learning that allows the learner to lead. But whether it is open play at a themed sensory bin or guided play with an instructor focusing on specific skill sets, there is always intention behind every activity.

“We start with a written curriculum, but we know that there is a fluidity that is necessary and beneficial to the learner,” explains Jordan. “We meet the learners where they are.”

student at Little Doers preschool at The DoSeum

Curriculum at Little DOers Preschool

The DoSeum focuses on STEM, the arts, and early literacy. As an extension of the museum, Little DOers’ curriculum is rooted in those three pillars but changes slightly from year to year, depending on the museum’s current exhibits. In other words, the galleries support the curriculum and vice versa.

“There is some repetition because we know that one of the best ways for children to learn at that age is through repetition, but we add in different activities based on what’s happening in the galleries,” describes Jordan.

For example, a financial literacy unit is part of the annual curriculum, but the activities surrounding that unit may change based on not only exhibits but also the students and their interests.

“You have to change with your audience,” says Jordan, adding that the classes are kept small, with only 12 students and two instructors per room. That 6-to-1 ratio makes it easier for educators to tailor the activities to the student’s needs. It also allows them to focus on the student’s social and emotional learning (SEL). That includes integrating relationship skills, social awareness, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness into the curriculum.

“For many Little DOers, this is their first experience in a classroom-type setting away from caregivers or family members,” she continues. “SEL has always been one of the goals of our program as we prepare the students for kindergarten.”

Community at Little DOers Preschool

There is a strong sense of community at Little DOers with traditions that students and parents look forward to each year. Two favorites include the butterfly pavilion and the pollinator garden, which teach students about nature and how they and their families are responsible for being stewards of the planet. Another popular tradition is the annual “store,” where children make bracelets and sell them to the staff to learn about money and math. Finally, each semester ends with a family-friendly event, including a holiday party in December and a graduation ceremony in May.

The Little DOers program has become so beloved that the school doubled its capacity for students based on the growing waitlists. They now offer 72 slots spread out over six different classrooms. The 2023 school year will also provide a new, need-based scholarship program, while museum members will continue to receive a tuition discount.

To learn more about the financial aid program, to register, or schedule a private tour, visit or call 210-212-4453.

Charter Moms Chats

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Kathy Jordan is the Director of Little DOers Preschool at The DoSeum.

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