“Machine”? No, not really

Also, check out sachartermoms.com to get an idea of what a well-organized, well funded machine looks like.

Comment at “Charter Schools: Dr. Soto, I am disappointed”, Julian Vasquez Heilig, Cloaking Inequity,  November 4, 2012.

Well, I’m flattered. San Antonio Charter Moms operates on $99 a year for a WordPress pro account. I try to be well-organized, but I also have a part-time job and like to spend time with my kids and my husband. I am responsible for the blog—the writing, the photos, the social media. I am a volunteer, and we have a great group of volunteers who do things like make flyers, bring snacks, etc. No, we are not a machine. We are parents who are looking out for our children and the children in our community.

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