Mission, Vision, and Values of San Antonio Charter Moms

San Antonio Charter Moms


San Antonio Charter Moms provides trusted information about education to parents, caregivers, and policy makers so that children can go to high quality schools that are the right fit for them.


Every family in San Antonio will have the opportunity for their children to receive a great free education at a school that is the right fit for their needs and that prepares them for a life filled with choices, including college, career, and military.



Families can choose the types of schools and learning models that are the right fit for their children.


All children deserve a high-quality education, including children from all economic backgrounds, from all races, ethnicities, and religions, and with all types of functional needs.


Parents and caregivers can make decisions about education options based on fair and accurate information without political bias.

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A nonprofit that helps parents to research school options and become advocates for high quality education.