New Education Commissioner Williams asks for waiver from “No Child Left Behind”

Newly-appointed Education Commissioner Michael Williams is seeking a waiver from “No Child Left Behind.” “Texas to seek relief from No Child provisions”, Lindsay Kastner, San Antonio Express-News, September 7, 2012; “In Surprise Move, Texas to Apply for NCLB Waiver”, Michele McNeil, Politics K-12 blog (Education Week), September 6, 2012.

The Express-News points out: “More than 70 percent of Texas school districts failed to meet federal accountability standards this year. In Bexar County, three of 16 districts met the standards.” With results like that, it seems like “No Child Left Behind” is no longer informative.

Why now, rather than back in March? According to Education Week and a TEA spokeswoman, the department waited until the new commissioner was appointed. Williams started his new job on Tuesday.

If the Department of Education grants a waiver to Texas, will there be strings attached? Or will Congress change the law next session?

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