Parent newsletter in Houston is a model of empowerment

Look what’s going on in Houston: Families Empowered has just published their December 2012 newsletter.

The newsletter includes a summary of application deadlines for schools of choice, including Houston ISD magnets, YES Prep, and KIPP: Houston, and a link to a more detailed list, Applications 101. The newsletter also includes tips about how to apply: it’s recommended to apply to at least three schools to improve your chances of getting into at least one that you want.

As I mentioned yesterday, there are more choices (such as in-district transfers) than many parents realize, but it’s hard to get good information. Families Empowered is working on that problem in Houston (as described in my earlier post). Texas Parents Union has a list of magnet schools. Readers, if you know of more resources for parents in Texas, please let me know.

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