Raphael’s “School of Athens” at Veritas Prep (Great Hearts)

Raphael School of Athens at Veritas Prep Phoenix Arizona Great Hearts Academies charter school classical great books education

Veritas Prep campus features a copy of Raphael’s “School of Athens”

Great Hearts Academies invited me to attend a conference at Veritas Preparatory Academy in Phoenix, Arizona this week. (Disclosure: Great Hearts paid my travel expenses. But when it comes to choosing a school for my kids, my opinion is not for sale.)

A campus visit is a great way to learn more about Great Hearts. I am on the lookout for signs of things to come when Great Hearts opens a campus in San Antonio in Fall 2014.

For example, yesterday I learned that every Great Hearts campus has a copy of Raphael’s “The School of Athens” (wikipedia); what a great visual introduction to classical education.

Here is an earlier post musing about a trip to the museum with my daughter.

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