Results for the May 11 school board elections in Bexar County

The votes are in—here are the results for the May 11 school board races in Bexar County:

  • Alamo Heights ISD
    • Place 1: Joseph Dubrof
    • Place 2: John Tippit
  •  Harlandale ISD
    • Place 1: Juan Mancha over Joshua J. Cerna
    • Place 3: Erma V. Casarez over Esequiel “Zeke” Mendoza and  Susie Estrada Peralta
    • Place 4: David Abundis over Melissa Rodriguez, Norma Cavazos, and Luis Bravo
  • Judson ISD
    • District 2: Richard LaFoille
    • District 3: Gilbert Flores over Debra Eaton
    • District 4: Jose A. Macias Jr. over Arturo Salinas
    • District 5: Arnoldo Salinas over Johnny Harris
  • Northside ISD
    • District 5: Katie Reed
    • District 6: Carol Berg Harle
    • District 7: Karen B. Freeman over Scott Guller
  • San Antonio ISD
    • District 1: Steve Lecholop
    • District 3: Debra Guerrero over Chris Alvarado
    • District 4: Arthur V. Valdez, Jr. over Adela R. Segovia, Fernando Velazquez, and John “Rocky” Graciano
    • District 7: Ed Garza
  • Southside ISD
    • Position 3: Loren Brewer over Richard Quebe and Theresa Balderas
    • Position 4: Tony E. Luna over Margie C. Lopez
    • Position 5: Norberto Chavez over Lisa Salazar
  • Southwest ISDSylvester Vasquez and Ida Sudolcan over Phillip Vargas

More information, including vote totals, at Bexar County Elections.

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