School board elections 2013: Alamo Heights ISD

Two seats on the Alamo Heights ISD Board of Trustees are on the May 11 ballot; both races are uncontested.

Joseph Dubrof is running unopposed for re-election to Place 1. Dubrof also serves as Assistant Secretary.

John Tippit is running unopposed for election to Place 2, to replace retiring Trustee Randall Pollock.

The remaining board members:

  • Lynn S. Thompson, trustee for Place 3 through May 2014
  • Mike Morell, President and trustee for Place 4 through May 2014
  • Bonnie Giddens, trustee for Place 5 through May 2015
  • Lott McIlhenny, Secretary and trustee for Place 6 through May 2015
  • Melissa Vaughan, Vice President and trustee for Place 7 through May 2015

More information in this earlier post and at Bexar County Elections.

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