School finance: add money? or reform the system?

A recent article in Plaza de Armas, commenting on the district court’s decision in the school finance trial (earlier post), notes that two San Antonio-area representatives on the Public Education committee, Rep. Mike Villarreal (D) and Rep. Justin Rodriguez (D), want the legislature to act quickly to increase state education funding. “Texas’ Education System is Broken”, Callie Enlow, Plaza de Armas, February 8, 2013.

The article notes that Sen. Dr. Donna Campbell (R) did not comment. Too bad —it would be interesting to hear a different point of view. Perhaps the reported should have tried to contact Sen. Dan Patrick (R), chair of the Education committee and a supporter of Texans Deserve Great Schools. Whereas Villarreal and Rodriguez (and Judge Dietz) focus on adding more money to the existing system, Patrick and Texans Deserve Great Schools are proposing a combination of policies to accomplish transformational change.

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