School Search Consultations

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Are you stressed out about finding the right schools for your children? Our schools guide includes over 170 campuses, and it continues to grow—leading many parents to feel overwhelmed. Booking a one-on-one school search consultation is a hassle-free way to jumpstart your school search and quickly focus on your top choice schools.

San Antonio Charter Moms has partnered with Beyond Education, an education company dedicated to supporting your family’s K–12 education journey, to offer 1:1 school search consultation sessions. You’ll meet virtually with an experienced mentor who is a dedicated educator and has specialized knowledge and training about school options in the San Antonio area.


The first 20 families get a free one-on-one consultation. Our goal? To expand this to a paid service, starting in English with hopes for Spanish later.

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During the school search consultation, you and your mentor can discuss topics including the school search timeline, differences among school models, and the many types of learning models that are available at schools in our region. Your mentor will offer advice that is personalized to your child’s strengths, interests, and functional needs. The goal for each session is to reach a short list of promising schools based on your goals, your geographic location, and your transportation needs. Our hope is that you’ll finish the session ready to move forward with enrollment applications and further research to narrow down your list. Your mentor can also help you learn to use free resources such as the schools guide, the Facebook discussion group, our weekly newsletter, and School Discovery Day events.

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