Senator John Cornyn addresses college-bound students at KIPP University Prep

Senator Cornyn at KIPP University Prep | San Antonio Charter Moms

United States Senator John Cornyn (who is running for re-election this year) visited KIPP University Prep on Friday afternoon to talk to the students.

Senator Cornyn visited several classrooms, observing a lecture and watching students work together on a group project.

Senator John Cornyn visiting a classroom at KIPP University Prep | San Antonio Charter Moms

Then, Senator Cornyn went to the gym, where the students were assembled. School leaders, including KIPP San Antonio CEO Mark Larson, were also there.

KIPP University Prep assembly with Senator John Cornyn | San Antonio Charter Moms

Cornyn told the students how, when he was growing up, he never saw himself being a Senator, he just followed the path of public service. He attended public school in San Antonio (Holmes High School) and graduated from high school in Japan before going to Trinity University and St. Mary’s University School of Law

KIPP banner "Climb the mountain to college" | San Antonio Charter Moms

“Climb the mountain to college” is a KIPP motto. (The banner shown above is at KIPP Camino, site of the January First Friday Breakfast—learn more in this earlier post.) KIPP San Antonio Chief Academic Office Jennifer Zinn led the students in a celebration of the members of the Class of 2014 who have already been accepted to college. (Back in November, I walked with these students to the post office to mail their college applications; learn more about the annual KIPP March to College in this earlier post.)


The college-bound seniors received special blue shirts, which they can wear instead of their usual green uniform shirts. Then, the entire student body sang the school fight song to honor the blue-shirted students and Senator Cornyn.

After the assembly, my kids and I got a chance to shake hands with Senator Cornyn; F.T. was proudly wearing his favorite Trinity University baseball cap. Then, Senator Cornyn talked to the press about his support for school choice.

Senator John Cornyn talks to the press at KIPP University Prep | San Antonio Charter Moms

More coverage: “U.S. Sen. John Cornyn visits San Antonio charter school”, Charles Gonzalez, KSAT-12, February 21, 2014; “Cornyn optimistic about primary”, Charles Gonzalez, KSAT-12, February 21, 2014.

Senator Ted Cruz is also a supporter of school choice; see this earlier post about National School Choice Week for information about Cruz’s appearance at the kickoff event in Houston.

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