Stuff I learned at the BASIS San Antonio information session last night

Stuff I learned at last night’s information session for BASIS San Antonio:

  • They’ve hired an operations manager. She’s currently in Arizona doing training, and will relocate to San Antonio in late March.
  • They’re doing the paperwork to buy the real estate for the campus site, and as soon as the transaction closes they can announce the location. It’s near I-10 and Huebner. They swear the campus will be ready by August. I believe them—they’ve done this many times before.
  • Once they announce the location, they’ll also hold registration. They are not expecting to need a lottery for 2013-14.
  • If you would like to visit a BASIS campus in Arizona, email Nick Fleege at to set it up.
  • Michael and Olga Block are awesome. They are 100 percent economists. How do I know this? Olga, speaking about the BASIS economics curriculum, used the word “scarcity” several times in the first 30 seconds. Then, Michael got really excited when talking about PISA testing data.
  • Read about what BASIS Tucson North seniors are doing for their senior research projects at the BASIS Tucson North SRP 2013 blog.
  • BASIS is known for having a rigorous curriculum that meets high international standards. However, they understand that they may have to modify part of their curriculum for the initial group of students. They will do their best to meet the students at their current level without sacrificing graduation requirements.
  • They are in the process of hiring teachers who are highly qualified, i.e., who have a degree in their field.  Demonstration lessons will be scheduled soon; they look at student feedback when making hiring decisions. Careers page.

To get all the announcements about location, registration, and demonstration lessons, sign up for the BASIS interest list at

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