Take a detour and learn something new at the South Texas Heritage Center at the Witte Museum

José Francisco Ruiz: first schoolmaster in San Antonio | San Antonio Charter MomsLast week, instead of heading straight for the H-E-B Science Treehouse, I took my kids through the South Texas Heritage Center at the Witte Museum. (Here’s my earlier post about the grand opening last year.)

I learned something new: José Francisco Ruiz, in addition to his many other achievements (including signing the Texas Declaration of Independence), was also the first schoolmaster in San Antonio. (Sources: Texas State Historical Association, Wikipedia.) Ruiz’s schoolhouse is one of the historic buildings on the grounds of the Witte and is used for classes and events—including the blogger preview party for Dinosaurs Unearthed (earlier post).

South Texas Heritage Center at the Witte Museum, San Antonio, Texas | San Antonio Charter MomsThe South Texas Heritage Center is definitely kid-friendly. My daughter enjoyed climbing on top of a cowboy’s saddle. My son played with a ball maze that illustrated some of the challenges of frontier life. She enjoyed the toys in the general store; he was interested in the weapons and tools.

What aspects of South Texas history do you want to learn more about?

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