Charter Schools in San Antonio: Tips for Being a Politically-Engaged Parent


Wondering how you can better advocate for charter schools in San Antonio as a charter school parent? Please take a moment to read this important article: “More Middle-Class Families Choose Charters: A political game changer for public school choice?”, Richard Whitmire, Education Next (Summer 2015).

The conventional wisdom has been that charter school parents are too busy with jobs and life, and not politically engaged. While researching this article, author Richard Whitmire​ came to visit charter schools in San Antonio, particularly Great Hearts Monte Vista, BASIS San Antonio, and BASIS San Antonio North; he saw that we are politically engaged and ready to advocate for our charter schools in San Antonio.

My tips for being a politically-engaged parent for charter schools in San Antonio:

Charter school parents: We have found outstanding charter schools in San Antonio for our children. We need to protect them, and to help them grow so that more families can share our experiences and see a brighter future.

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