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This morning, I updated my About page. I’ve copied it here to snapshot it, because I’m sure I’ll be updating it again soon. 

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San Antonio moms, dads, and kids need more good education choices. This blog is meant to help parents learn about choices, including high-performing charter schools, successful private and public schools, homeschooling, and enrichment activities.

Education is a challenge for the city as a whole. Currently, San Antonio schools are not educating enough knowledge workers for the jobs of the future. Too many children are leaving 3rd grade unable to read, putting them at risk of dropping out of high school. Among the kids who do earn high school diplomas, too many show up for college unprepared and unlikely to complete their degrees.

Education is a challenge for families, too. Too many San Antonio families are locked into underperforming schools just because of where they live. As Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer said at the dedication ceremony for BASIS San Antonio: “Your zip code should not decide your fate.” Open enrollment public charter schools allow students to cross boundaries, but there are not enough spots at the high-performing schools.

This blog chronicles my own journey to help my kids get the best possible education, and allows me to share what I learn with you.

Let me tell you about my own journey. In my first semester of college, I wrote a term paper in support of public school choice, but didn’t believe I could take individual action that would make a difference. Fast forward to 2011, when I was on a playdate with a long time friend, Victoria Rico, and our kids. She is a trustee at the George W. Brackenridge Foundation, and she told me about a project (now known as Choose to Succeed) that would bring more high-performing charter schools to San Antonio. I looked around for a way to help, so I started this blog. “San Antonio mom blogger Inga Cotton with SA Charter Moms”, Colleen Pence, San Antonio Mom Blogs, January 25, 2013.

Also in 2011, my family and I moved to a different neighborhood, hoping to find better public schools for our kids. “Wave of New Charter Schools Enhance Inner City Living for Families”, Inga Cotton, Rivard Report, November 12, 2012. Then, in spring 2013, I learned the hard lesson that even “good” schools don’t work for all kids—especially if your child is gifted or 2e. So, this summer I made the decision to homeschool my six-year-old son—he goes by “F.T.” online. “A Lesson for New Homeschool Parents”, Inga Cotton, Red White & Grew, August 19, 2013. Read more about our homeschooling adventures in this earlier post. For next year, we are planning to enter several charter school lotteries; I will continue to share our journey with you.

In addition to homeschooling and researching high-performing charter schools, I am also on the lookout for enrichment activities for F.T. and his little sister (who goes by “G.N.” online). For example, check out these photo galleries of carnivorous plants at the San Antonio Botanical Garden and tech toys at Bexar BiblioTech.

Do you have a question for me? Email me at mail [at] sachartermoms [dot] com, send a tweet (@sachartermoms), or write on my Facebook wall.

Inga Munsinger Cotton
San Antonio Charter Moms
October 27, 2013

p.s. Wondering where my kids’ online nicknames came from? Well, the apple falls not far from the tree, as my grandfather used to say. My son looks like his great-great-grandfather, F.T., and my daughter looks like her great-grandmother, G.N. Hopefully, as they grow up, these nicknames will spare them some embarrassment about being mentioned in their mom’s blog.

FT and GN | San Antonio Charter Moms

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