US News: Texas’s top charter schools

These Texas charter schools ranked in the 2012 US News list of America’s best high schools:

Unfortunately, none of these highly-ranked charter schools is located in San Antonio.  (USNews designated the School of Science & Technology San Antonio as “Recognized Nationally”, but gave no number ranking.) Some of these schools have only one campus, but others are part of multi-school systems. For example, Harmony already has two schools in San Antonio: Harmony Science Academy San Antonio and Harmony School of Innovation San Antonio. And, IDEA has already announced plans to expand to San Antonio at the IDEA Carver Academy, with more IDEA schools in San Antonio planned for 2013 and beyond.

As parents, we can take action to attract more high-performing charter schools to San Antonio. Maybe a future USNews list will include several high-ranking San Antonio charter schools.

Besides USNews, I also used the Texas Charter Schools Association website to research this post. Thanks!

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