Waltz, cha cha, foxtrot: ballroom dance lessons for prom at Scottsdale Prep (Great Hearts)

Students at Scottsdale Prep (part of Great Hearts Academies) are taking after-school ballroom dance lessons to prepare for their retro prom.

“It goes to the fact that we don’t (teach) popular culture at the schools. We talk about high-minded art,” said Dan Scoggin, founder and CEO of the network.

It was his idea to provide the lessons as part of a curriculum that stresses classical literature and the Socratic method.

“Instead of the nightclub dances that many high-school proms have become, we’d rather do something that’s noble and have students actually learn how to dance,” Scoggin said.

“Ballroom-dance lessons prep Scottsdale students for prom”, Mary Beth Faller, Arizona Republic, April 11, 2013; also at USA Today. Watch the video—charming!

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