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Making Faces and Building Social and Emotional Skills

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making faces paper plates happy sad angry surprised social and emotional learning
Making Faces and Building Social and Emotional Skills

Managing our emotions is hard, whether you are four, or six, or forty six! Teaching children to effectively manage their feelings and emotions is such an important, ongoing task for both teachers and parents—there is no one-size-fits-all lesson for helping… Continue Reading →

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sleep schedules
What Happened to Sleep Schedules?

Let’s all take a moment to acknowledge that summer usually throws sleep schedules out the window. Some of us are not getting more or even enough sleep, and overall, our kids are having a harder time falling asleep and staying… Continue Reading →

Life Skills Social-Emotional
puppy fostering dogs family community service
Fostering Dogs as a Family Community Service Activity

For many families, this summer is no doubt a summer like no other. Trips, camps, lessons, fun gatherings with family and friends, activities that normally keep our calendars steadily filled, have been postponed or cancelled leaving us to wonder what… Continue Reading →

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girl in bedroom with toys and a basket kids can learn organization skills for their toys, clothes, rooms
Kids and Organization

Are you ready to Marie Kondo your home? Today’s activity is all about inviting your kids to learn to organize and take ownership of their space or things. I decided to do this activity with my kids because I want… Continue Reading →

Life Skills
kids clean bathroom summer learning life skills
Clean a Bathroom

You’d be surprised how many young adults don’t know how to clean a bathroom. I mean I get it, who wants to clean a bathroom? It’s probably everyone’s least favorite space to clean and for good reason. Although it isn’t… Continue Reading →

Life Skills
teaching kids financial responsibility summer learning
Financial Responsibility

My husband, Steve, is the finance guy in our household. He’s a Dave Ramsey certified financial counselor as well as an author and speaker—a straight up numbers guy. My area of expertise as a counselor is said to be in… Continue Reading →

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