“Spell Your Name” At Home Fitness Activity—with a Plank Challenge!

spell your name at home fitness activity plank challenge Aicha Mosha

The Spell Your Name (or any word) at home fitness activity is something you can do with your kids any time of the day.  It will help your kids practice their spelling skills, they will learn new exercises that will help them stay active, and most importantly they will have FUN!

As a fitness fanatic—i.e., someone who loves exercising—what I enjoy even more than exercising is being able to share my passion for health and fitness with others: family, friends, and all my community members on my social media platforms. I particularly LOVE working out with my kids and all KIDS! I have done several workouts for kids and it always ends up being lots of fun—for both me and the kids! Today’s activity will be lots of fun! For more ideas about activities you can do while learning at home with your kids, visit the main page, Charter a Voyage of Learning.

Spell Your Name At Home Fitness Activity

The exercise chart below is all you need to get started—just Spell Your Name OR any word you like such as your favorite color, favorite ice cream flavor, or favorite cartoon character.

spell your name at home fitness activity plank challenge Aicha Mosha

Spell Your Name for Preschoolers

For young children between the ages of 4–6, have them spell out their name, or just do the activity by spelling “Mom.” 😃 Parents should give them instructions on the three exercise moves they need to do this at home fitness activity. For instance, if they spell MOM, it will be three squat jumps, ten Russian twists, then three squat jumps again. Have them repeat that a total of four times! That is their goal. Have them rest for 20 seconds (or longer if needed) after each round.

Spell Your Name for Grade Schoolers

For children in middle grades, make sure you tell them how important it is for them to stay active while they are at home. Doing so will make them stronger, boost their metabolism, and help them feel great after a good sweat. Present them with the exercise chart and have them spell their name AND spell their favorite subject. Ask them to complete two rounds of the exercises where they spell their name, and two rounds of the exercises where they spell their favorite subject, resting for 10–20 seconds after each exercise.

Plus, challenge the kids to do a basic plank at the end and see how long they can hold it for!  Holding a plank even 15–30 seconds is great! Planks are a great way to strengthen your core and can be done anytime; all family members should join in and “Plank Together.”

Spell Your Name for Upper Schoolers

For teens, we are going to take things up a notch! See the chart below for the at home fitness exercises that the teens will be doing. Teens are bigger, have stronger bones, and can endure more than younger kids. Remember . . . exercising regularly helps build and maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints; helps you control your weight; promotes psychological wellbeing; boosts self-esteem; and helps reduce the feeling of depression and anxiety. These benefits are especially important at times like these when we are all at home, with kids learning remotely and parents doing the best we can to be productive at work.

spell your name at home fitness activity plank challenge Aicha Mosha

So, let’s GO! Do this work out with your family and friends and challenge them to spell long words! 😊  PLUS, challenge yourself to hold a plank after each circuit.

Local Connection for At Home Fitness

On my social media platforms—Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube—my sole focus is to share fitness and wellbeing tips to my community of followers.  Each day is a new opportunity to invest in your health and get stronger. My overall mission is making sure men, women and especially young kids are learning new activities to help them stay in shape, and that all kids are building confidence to carry them into the future. Visit my YouTube channel or Instagram page for more information about different exercise activities you can perform at home with your entire family.

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For more ideas about activities you can do while learning at home with your kids, visit the main page, Charter a Voyage of Learning.

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Aicha Mosha is a certified Personal Trainer passionate about helping others meet their health and fitness goals. She has two children, Nick and Alex, who play soccer and basketball, and workout with their Mom once or twice a week. In addition to her passion for fitness, Aicha works for a financial institution called Charles Schwab, where she helps the company make sure all employees are appropriately trained and provided with tools and resources to effectively perform their jobs.