Charter a Voyage of Learning

Charter a Voyage of Learning

Activities That Families Can Do at Home While Participating in Distance Learning or Homeschooling

For parents and caregivers who want their children to get a great education, these are challenging times. Some places are closed, and many of us feel safer staying close to home, but we still want our children to keep learning and growing. That’s why we keep updating our Charter a Voyage of Learning guide with new activities that families can do at home.

Charter a Voyage of Learning: At Home Learning Activities for Distance Learning Homeschooling Kitchen Chemistry Elephant Toothpaste

Continue the Learning Voyage

The San Antonio Charter Moms has experience helping you find the right schools for your children, and now we also have a guide to educational experiences that you can do at home, as a family, to keep the learning going. We started this project in June 2020 with our Charter a Summer of Learning guide, and we are keeping it going through the school year with new activities.

Whether your family is doing distance learning or going to school on campus, or if you are doing homeschooling, microschooling, virtual school, etc., these activities can supplement your child’s academic work, spark joy, and create lasting memories.

Explore different topics, from reading and math to life skills and wellness, and get advice from experts at local schools and nonprofit organizations. The cost is low, the fun factor is high, and each activity is designed to be practiced safely while social distancing. Whether your child is in preschool, grade school or upper school, each activity has tips to modify it for different age groups.

We hope the fun activities in our Charter a Voyage of Learning guide will keep the learning going while you and your family are staying safe at home. This is not the school year that any parent was hoping for. By filling our days and weekends with activities and learning, we can make memories together and prepare our kids for the year of challenges and opportunities ahead.

Aubrey teaching a lesson about how to clean a dog's ears Mary Luehring School of Science and Technology

Reading and Writing Activities

materials for exploring magnetism activity learning at home with kids

Math, Science, and Technology Activities

girl drawing pants

Activities for Social and Emotional Wellness

biking on the greenway trails Medina River San Antonio Parks and Recreation

Physical Activities

stay green at home kids plant garden

Outdoor Activities

kids clean bathroom summer learning life skills

Activities to Learn Life Skills

summer learning listen to classical music with kids

Arts, History, and Culture Activities

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