An educator writes about Waiting for “Superman” and gives thanks

“I set out to say that I am grateful for my education.” “Day Six of Thanks”, Jessica Sliman, Gin and Juiceboxes, October 8, 2012. Using her experience as an educator as a jumping off point, Jessica goes on to give a personal and moving review of Waiting for “Superman”

Jessica recalls a meeting with a reading-delayed fifth grader, her parents, teachers, and administrators:

I poured my heart into these meetings. I so badly wanted to help these kids – and we had the tools to do it – research based, proven intervention. But at this meeting, my very first one as a director, no one listened to me. They continued looking at their laptops. On occasion, I got a polite nod. When I finished, they went on with the meeting like I wasn’t there. They let me talk to satisfy the parents but that was as far as they were going to bend.

The meeting went on and they talked about this little girl like she was a number. Most of the people in the room hadn’t spent much time working with her and you could tell. It was like this meeting was something to check off their list. Like they were going through the motions. Honestly? It disgusted me.

Go to Jessica’s blog, Gin and Juiceboxes, and read more.

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