Guide to Enrolling in CAST Schools for 2020–2021

CAST Schools is a nonprofit organization that partners with school districts to develop and support public high schools that get students ready for in-demand careers in San Antonio. The CAST Schools campuses are accepting applications for enrollment for the 2020–2021 school year. We have put together a guide to help you learn more about CAST Schools including CAST Tech High School, CAST STEM High School, and CAST Med High School, to help you enroll your child for the next school year.

About CAST Schools

Since its founding in San Antonio in 2017, CAST Schools has focused on partnering with businesses and school districts to create campuses that offer state of the art, relevant education that gets students ready to launch successful careers. 

CAST stands for Centers for Applied Science and Technology. The common elements of every CAST school include project-based learning and work-based learning; also, many of the programs have a STEM focus. At CAST Schools, students learn about careers and have access to mentors who work in those fields. Partnerships with universities and relevant local businesses create access to college credit courses and certifications, as well as internships that offer real world experiences.

Each CAST campus has a different focus and set of partners. 

  • CAST Tech opened in 2017 and offers pathways in business, technology, and user experience (UX). Students prepare for careers in coding, cyber security, gaming, entrepreneurship, business, and more.
  • CAST STEM opened in 2018 and focuses on careers in engineering, advanced manufacturing, energy and power, and global logistics. 
  • CAST Med opened in 2019 and offers pathways in biomedical research, medical professions, and public health. CAST Med is a dual language school.
  • CAST Lead will open in 2020 focusing on retail leadership, hospitality and tourism leadership, and e-commerce leadership.

To read more about CAST Schools in the news, we recommend that you click on the articles linked at the bottom of this post and visit the CAST Schools newsroom. Also, we invite you to join the San Antonio Charter Moms discussion group on Facebook and ask questions; the group includes current CAST Schools families who can comment with answers based on their own experiences.

CAST Schools in San Antonio

In 2020–21, CAST Schools will have four schools in the San Antonio region through partnerships with three independent school districts. 

Download the free San Antonio Charter Schools app for an interactive map that includes these campuses and many more. You can also find campus information about CAST Schools (and many other schools of choice) on our page Guide to Charter Schools in San Antonio.

Enroll at CAST Schools

The process for families to enroll their children at CAST Schools is slightly different for each district partner.

East Central ISD—CAST Lead

Families can apply online to enroll their children at CAST Lead. Open enrollment for 2020–2021 began on November 5, 2019 and closed on January 31, 2020. Find more information in the CAST Lead FAQ.

San Antonio ISD—CAST Med and CAST Tech

Families can apply online to enroll their children at CAST Med and CAST Tech. Open enrollment for the 2020–21 school year began on November 5, 2019 and closed on January 31, 2020. More information in the enrollment guide for San Antonio ISD schools of choice, as well as the CAST Med FAQ and the CAST Tech FAQ.


Families can apply online to enroll their children at CAST STEM. Applications for the 2020–21 school year began on October 18, 2019 and closed on January 17, 2020. Find more information in the CAST STEM FAQ.

Even if the open enrollment period has passed, families can still contact the schools to find out if there are open seats. Even if there are no open seats for that grade, the schools keep waiting lists of students who are interested in enrolling.

During application season, there will be information sessions, school tours, and other events in the community for families to learn more about CAST Schools. Learn more about these events by looking up the FAQ for each school. Get email updates by joining the CAST Schools interest list—visit the home page and scrolling down to form at the bottom.

We also recommend following these CAST Schools social media accounts:

In addition, please join the San Antonio Charter Moms discussion group on Facebook to post questions and search previous discussions about CAST Schools.

Facts About CAST Schools

To learn more about the CAST Schools model, we toured CAST Tech with Mentor Coordinator Amir Samandi. The mentoring component brings career role models into students’ lives. Also, by staying in close contact with people who work in technology, the curriculum stays relevant and students are better prepared to enter the workforce at a high level.

CAST Tech students get to work on projects for real clients. It’s low-cost labor for the businesses—just the opportunity cost of the time spent supervising the students—and helps the students build a portfolio. The students get to “job shadow”—like going on a field trip, but to visit a business. CAST teachers also do externships to learn from the businesses and bring that knowledge back to the classrooms. 

Meeting with mentors helps students learn soft skills like how to welcome a guest, using email (rather than a messenger app) to schedule a meeting, and how to listen and ask thoughtful questions during a group session. 

The architecture at CAST Tech is more professional than academic. There are still classrooms, but there are also lots of flexible meeting spaces for small groups. A large foyer is filled with wide stairs that can turn into an impromptu auditorium. 

On the bottom floor of CAST Tech, the teachers who specialize in cutting edge technology have classrooms and labs to fit the students’ needs. Students on the technology pathway work in a classroom with a raised floor, like you would see in a commercial data center. They work on racks of servers and study for certifications like Red Hat Linux. Students on the user experience (UX) pathway work in a classroom that looks like a design studio with artwork and prototypes on the walls. On desktop computers, they work on projects involving game design and web design.

CAST Schools offer free transportation to students through their school district partners.

A branch of BiblioTech, Bexar County’s all-digital library, will open near CAST Tech in 2021.

The CAST Schools campuses have so many partnerships with businesses and universities that it’s a challenge to summarize, but one key partnership is TechBloc and CAST Tech. Also, H-E-B and the Charles Butt Foundation have been consistent supporters of CAST Schools.

Advanced Learning Academy (ALA) in San Antonio ISD is also part of the partnership with CAST Schools. Learn more about ALA in our enrollment guide to San Antonio ISD choice schools.

Read More About CAST Schools

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