Changes in education leadership, local and state

Many changes are afoot in public education — locally and at the state level — and we should all be worried.

The future of Texas depends on an educated workforce and the quality of that education is dependent on those steering the ship. Unfortunately, in some cases the decisions on who should be in charge is based primarily on politics and not necessarily who is best qualified.

In San Antonio, we have seen superintendents at five different school districts leave in the last year.

“Adult politics interfere with educating school children”, Gloria Padilla, San Antonio Express-News, June 8, 2012. Padilla summarizes the circumstances around the departures of Richard Middleton (Northeast ISD – retirement), John Folks (Northside ISD – retirement), Robert Durón (San Antonio ISD – pushed), Ron Durbon (South San Antonio ISD – removed), and Robert Jaklich (Harlandale ISD – fled dysfunctional school board politics).

Padilla also comments on the departure of Education Commissioner Robert Scott:

As with some of the pending top school administrator appointments in San Antonio, focus in the selection of the next education commissioner must be on the children.

The politics should be kept to a minimum.

We can hope.

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