Charter schools help make San Antonio a “City on the Rise”

Charter schools help make San Antonio a "City on the Rise" according to Lorenzo Gomez | San Antonio Charter MomsLorenzo Gomez, Executive Director of the 80/20 Foundation and an SA2020 board member, has a “micro-script” for San Antonio: “A City On The Rise.”

So why did these four words hit me the way they did? I think it’s because “City on the Rise” means that we are up and coming. It means we are going places and you need to keep one eye cocked for us because we’re gaining on you. When people ask, “Why haven’t I heard of you?” It’s because we are a City On The Rise, that’s why.

“San Antonio: A City on the Rise”, Lorenzo Gomez, Rivard Report, September 12, 2013.

As evidence that San Antonio is a City on the Rise, Gomez offers a hat tip to Choose to Succeed: “Did you know that San Antonio . . . [i]s bringing in six high-performing charter networks into urban core.”

Yes, I did. And I’m very excited about it. Here are the six high-performing charter networks:

More information about their progress in the FAQ.


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