College Prep Resources for San Antonio Charter School Students


Although your kids may be in their elementary years now, eventually they will move beyond high school, and many of us will be helping them navigate the college admissions process. That can be a daunting task. We reached out to our San Antonio Charter Moms Discussion Group on Facebook to ask the mothers who’ve gone before us what resources helped their college-bound kids the most. 

The one local resource that rose to the top was Cafe College. Here’s the scoop on this organization, in addition to other local resources, and how they can help your San Antonio student navigate their college search. 

Cafe College

Run in conjunction with The San Antonio Education Partnership, Cafe College opened its doors downtown in 2010, offering are residents free assistance in selecting, preparing for and applying for post-secondary education opportunities. 

SAT & ACT Prep Classes

Cafe College offers free SAT & ACT workshops and practice tests. Find their upcoming sessions on their events calendar


For students in one of the 29 SAEP partner schools, you can attend Cafe College workshops to be eligible for SAEP scholarships. 


Even if your school is not an SAEP partner school, you can still attend Cafe College workshops. Upcoming topics include Understanding Student Loans, Time Management Skills, and College Success Skills. You can find a full list of their workshops on their events calendar

Online Resources

Cafe College is a great first stop for navigating everything you need to know in preparation for college. From financial aid, to researching colleges, to researching career options, they have a plethora of resources to point you to. You can also stop by any time during business hours to visit them in person. 

College Resources at Area Charter Schools

Most schools have college counseling and other resources for their students as they prepare for testing and applications. Here are some of the resources available at area charter schools. Don’t see yours here? Visit our charter school guide and contact your charter school of choice for more information on how they prepare students for college. 

BASIS Shavano

In a recent tour of BASIS Shavano, we learned that seniors have an entire class period to work on college applications and meet with college counselors. 

KIPP San Antonio

KIPP San Antonio supports all KIPP SA alumni through their KIPP Through College Team––whether they completed 8th grade, or graduated from a KIPP high school. 

Great Hearts Texas

Great Hearts is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling. At the beginning of a student’s junior year, a structured college planning curriculum is launched which serves to keep students focused on college calendars, deadlines, applications, summer programs, college essays, and testing. 

Local Businesses with College Consulting Services

Beyond Education

Beyond Education is a local business that helps families and students with In-Home schooling, 1-on-1 tutoring, and college advising. Their focus is on building confidence by inspiring, empowering, and instructing, all by coming alongside families to help students discover their strengths and purpose through relational mentorship. 

Their college advising services include ACT and SAT test preparation, college searches, college essay writing, as well as major and minor research. Visit their website to learn more. 

DOTS Educational Consulting

DOTS Educational Consulting is a local business that works with families of students in 5th-12th grades searching for right-fit schools, from creating a list of favorites to crafting an application, learning what schools are looking for academically and outside the classroom, and insight into how schools decide who to accept. DOTS offers a free initial consultation and works with you on an hourly or retainer basis depending on your specific needs. 

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