Corinne Cunningham Shares a Parent Perspective About Compass Rose Ingenuity

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We are proud to share this Parent Perspectives guest post by Corinne Cunningham, whose daughter attends Compass Rose Ingenuity, sharing what she appreciates about the school, its teachers, and its surroundings.

I have been a proud Compass Rose parent for years. My daughter currently attends Compass Rose Ingenuity, but we started at the Journey campus. Ingenuity has a specialized field of study in STEM and aeronautics, and Journey is focused on public health and nature-based learning.

One of the things I love most about Ingenuity is its location. It is down the street from the Boeing Center at Tech Port; overhead, impressive aircraft take off and land all day from Kelly Field at Port San Antonio and from JBSA-Lackland. I truly believe what you surround children with has the power to influence how they think and what they believe is possible. With Ingenuity’s location, hopefully, students feel a spark to pursue a career in aerospace.

Boeing Center at Port San Antonio exterior

In our experience, Ingenuity is doing everything it can to support its students to excel academically. A lot of families are still trying to close the gaps from COVID-19. Lucky for us, the teachers are doing everything in their power to help close those gaps and provide support to parents so we can do our part too.

I really appreciate the frequent parent-teacher conferences, because they let me know how she is doing in class, giving me insight into what we can work on at home to further her success. The consistent communication means a lot to me because I understand that it is necessary for parents and teachers to work together for our student’s success.

If you are interested in learning more about what Compass Rose Ingenuity has to offer, I would suggest touring the school. This way you can see the campus for yourself, but also ask as many questions as you need. The administrators and teachers are more than happy to answer your questions so you feel like you are making an informed decision around your child’s education.

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Corinne Cunningham is the parent of a student at Compass Rose Ingenuity.

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