Derius Gamez Is a Senior at Compass Rose Legacy High School

Derius Gamez Compass Rose Legacy student

We are proud to share this Student Stories guest post by Derius Gamez, a senior at Compass Rose Legacy, sharing what he appreciates most about the school academically and socially.

I am currently a graduating senior at Compass Rose Legacy High School. Legacy is located on the Southside of San Antonio, at Brooks. This public charter school is on the smaller side, compared to other high schools, but to me, that’s what makes it great! The tight-knit community fosters genuine connections between students and staff, creating an environment where every individual is seen, heard, and supported.

I started Compass Rose in middle school. I saw that most of my friends were making the move to Compass Rose, so I did too. Navigating school during a pandemic was not an easy task. The pandemic hit everyone hard. I struggled with online learning. It was hard to motivate myself to get up and look at a screen for multiple hours a day. My grades dropped and my moods declined. But with all that, I learned what I was made of. It’s in our lowest times we are often open to the greatest change. The pandemic brought a lot of problems but it also showed a lot of people what to be grateful for.

Overall, I’m glad I made the move because it helped improve my knowledge and allowed me to be challenged in the classroom. Beyond the classroom, I’ve had the privilege of participating in athletics, proudly representing Compass Rose Legacy on the football and basketball teams. Through dedication and perseverance, I earned the honor of serving as team captain during my senior year. These experiences have not only enriched my high school years but have also instilled in me invaluable lessons in leadership, accountability, and the joy of camaraderie.

To those seeking an academic change, I urge you: don’t settle for the familiar. Embrace the challenge, seek out environments where you’ll be pushed to grow and evolve. It’s through overcoming obstacles that we truly discover our potential and come out stronger than ever before. As I prepare to start my next chapter, I am grateful to Compass Rose Legacy for nurturing my academic curiosity and equipping me with the skills and knowledge to navigate my future endeavors with confidence and purpose.

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Derius Gamez is a student in the Class of 2024 at Compass Rose Legacy High School in San Antonio.

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