[Gallery] Inflatable Wonderland – new location at Wonderland of the Americas Mall

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.

Inflatable Wonderland, a kid favorite at Rolling Oaks Mall, has opened a second location at Wonderland of the Americas Mall, 4522 Fredericksburg Rd., San Antonio, TX 78201 (map). Would you like to win a set of four tickets to use at either Inflatable Wonderland location? Just leave a comment (between now and Thursday) about your favorite birthday party memory: a party place, a favorite food, a surprise gift, a special friend, etc.

On Wednesday, my kids and I visited the ribbon cutting ceremony featuring the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. We took lots of pictures so you can see the all the big slides, mazes, and bounce castles (for kids up to age 12), the toddler area (age 5 and under), the movie theater, and the party zone.

Everything—from the concession stand to the arcade to the bathrooms—is spotless. The space is bright, colorful, and cheerful. It’s hard to imagine what it was like before, as a neglected, vacant department store. Oscar Montemayor, director of leasing at Wonderland of the Americas, grew up going to the mall, and wants to bring it back to its former glory. “I want families to come here and make memories,” he said. “I want to hear children’s laughter again.” Read more about the transformation at Wonderland of the Americas Mall: “Inflatable Wonderland opens new playground at Wonderland of the Americas”, Tricia Lynn Silva, San Antonio Business Journal, November 27, 2013; “Burke’s Outlet joins Wonderland’s retail lineup”Tricia Lynn Silva, San Antonio Business Journal, July 26, 2013.

[Giveaway] Inflatable Wonderland at Wonderland of the Americas Mall | San Antonio Charter Moms

My kids love going to Inflatable Wonderland at Rolling Oaks Mall, but it’s sort of a long drive, so we only go as a special treat. Wonderland of the Americas Mall is so much closer; I can see us going a lot more often, and maybe scheduling a birthday party sometime soon. The free wifi is a nice perk for a busy homeschooling mom who wants to stay connected.

Would you like to win a set of four tickets to Inflatable Wonderland, good at either location? Just leave a comment, no later than Thursday, December 12, about your favorite birthday memory. I will choose a lucky winner at random.

In the meantime, I hope you can attend the grand opening party on Saturday, December 7, from 10 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., featuring puppets, face painting, story time, balloons, and food. More details on Facebook.

Grand Opening Inflatable Wonderland  December 7 | San Antonio Charter Moms

Disclosure: Inflatable Wonderland gave me a set of four tickets to give away.

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  1. Favorite birthday memory? Hmmm Our double party with my brother! Since we are one 6 yrs and one day apart. We one yr celebrated together and it was a mix of power rangers and tweens and so much fun

  2. My favorite birthday the “Birthday Fairy” came in all of her sparkly, tulle ensconced, glitter trail glory. I might need to plan another birthday fairy party! 🙂

  3. My favorite birthday was my 12th birthday. I had my first sleepover with all my friends and thought I was sooo grown up!

  4. My favorite birthday as a child was my 15th. My whole family came together and we just had a great time, then my older brothers let me hang out with them and their friends at a party.

  5. Fav bday….hmm, that would be when I got to celebrate my bday by myself. My brother’s bday is 5 days after mine (we’re 4 yrs apart), but as kids we always had parties together. When we became teens we were allowed to celebrate separately and it was nice not having to share a cake 🙂

  6. I remember going roller skating for one of my birthdays with my whole family. It was memorable because it was unusual for us to do something like that. Also, my 13th birthday because it was also my grandpa’s 80th birthday. Our birthdays were just a day apart so it was always special, but this one was EXTRA!

  7. My favorite birthday memory was when I bought my first horse. I had saved every birthday and Christmas for three years and then on my 13th birthday I was finally able to buy my horse – she is now retired and lives on my grandpa’s ranch.

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