IDEA Carver opens on San Antonio’s East Side

A roundup of stories about the first day back at school in San Antonio included this short segment about IDEA Carver:

The IDEA charter school network opened its IDEA Carver Academy on the East Side, a tuition-free, K-6 school in place of former Spur David Robinson’s private Carver Academy.

Enrollment has skyrocketed from about 120 students last year to more than 300 on Monday. Hundreds more could arrive in the next couple of years before IDEA expands it through 12th grade, said Matthew Randazzo, IDEA’s chief growth officer.

The school’s two kindergarten classrooms held 31 and 36 children, although Randazzo said the IDEA norm is more like 24-28 for elementary grades. IDEA spokeswoman Vanessa Barry said having an aide or “co-teacher” in each room slices the student-teacher ratio by half.

“First day of school is a time for the familiar and the new”, Francisco Vara-Orta, Maria Luisa Cesar & Lindsay Kastner, San Antonio Express-News, August 28, 2012.

The article ambiguously states that IDEA Carver opened “in place of” David Robinson’s Carver Academy. In fact, David Robinson is still involved and is a supporter of IDEA, as mentioned in this earlier post.

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  1. As a parent of a child who has attended the Carver Academy for 5 years I would like to give you the facts. Mr. Robinson sold the Carver Academy to Idea Carver and has no connections with the school what so ever. So please note that he is no longer involved in the school.

    • My sources tell me that, when Carver Academy became part of IDEA, David Robinson joined the San Antonio regional board for IDEA Public Schools. That means he is still involved with IDEA Carver AND with all future IDEA campuses in San Antonio.
      Can you be more specific about your concerns?

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