How This MaidPro Owner Teaches Her Kids To Clean (And You Can Too!)

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We are proud to present this guest post about kids cleaning by Kim Folden, a MaidPro owner.

When I opened my MaidPro franchise, some folks had the perception that my home must always be spotless. Ha! So not true. In fact, between my two kids and I, it’s a daily challenge to stay on top of the mess, just like every mom! Since learning about the world of housekeeping and managing a team of PROs who clean everything from tiny apartments to magnificent mansions, I’ve picked up a few tips for getting your kids to help you clean.

Today, you can absolutely start the healthy habit of cleaning up with your kids, and they will grow up to be responsible adults who can manage their own households someday. We have advice about how to get started, and how to tailor this activity to children of different ages. For more ideas about activities you can do while learning at home with your kids, visit the main page, Charter a Voyage of Learning.

MaidPro San Antonio tips for kids cleaning

Practical Tips for Kids and Cleaning

I decided to teach my kids how to clean up around the house because, as a single mom, I simply can’t do it by myself. I need them to be responsible for their own messes, and it’s important for them to have that boost of confidence that comes with a clean space as well. So grab your favorite cleaning supplies, and let’s get started!

Preschoolers Can Put Away Books and Toys

For young children, introduce the idea of kids cleaning by taking a realistic approach to their ability levels. Maybe they can just help you pick up toys after playtime. Maybe they know how to put their books back on the shelf before bedtime. Whatever it is, start as early as you can with the premise that being a part of a family means we HELP each other, and we clean up after ourselves. Remember that keeping toy bins, shelves, etc. at THEIR eye level (a la Montessori-style) is a great way to make them feel independent and empowered. Why would I put my toys away if the basket is five feet above my head?!

Give Grade Schoolers Choices and Talk About “Why”

For children in middle grades, it’s time to get serious. Talk to them about the purpose of a clean home and aiding in their productivity later in life. Make sure they know it’s important for everyone in the home to participate equally in the household duties, no matter their gender, age, or any other characteristic! Do they have a particular cleaning activity they enjoy? I have one child who prefers to dust and another who likes to clean the mirrors. It’s ok to lean into that and let them choose activities that they enjoy! Tempted to give them an allowance in exchange for chores? Read this helpful article about why that might NOT be the best solution.

Teens Want to Care for Their World and Be Independent

For teens, build on their knowledge of contributing to the family. Talk to them about what types of cleaning products they need in their future home and which are good for the environment. Let them come up with their own cleaning schedule and see what they come up with. If you really want to dig deep, discuss gender roles in household responsibilities and how they may plan to balance everything with a future partner someday. It’s never too early to start these conversations! If you’re able to start their wheels turning now, all the better for their future families, or just their future bachelor/bachelorette pads! Check out this great article on nixing the chore chart and actually making cleaning with your teen enjoyable.

Kim Folden, owner of MaidPro San Antonio, offers tips for teaching kids cleaning

Kim Folden, MaidPro San Antonio

Local Connection for Kids and Cleaning: MaidPro San Antonio

At MaidPro San Antonio, we specialize in cleaning homes whether you want it scrubbed top to bottom or just a light touch up. We offer free estimates and flexible pricing to fit any budget. We also utilize eco-friendly products that are safe for the home and everyone in it. Our overall mission is making sure we come alongside you to take the housekeeping off your plate, even if it’s only once a month or once every other week. That leaves plenty for the kids to do and learn responsibility as well. Head to our site,, for for more information and to request a free estimate.

Read More About Kids Cleaning

For more ideas about activities you can do while learning at home with your kids, visit the main page, Charter a Voyage of Learning.

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Kim Folden is the owner of MaidPro San Antonio who combined her desire to own her own business with the flexibility and professionalism that a MaidPro franchise was able to offer. She has two children, Lillian (11 years old) and Gavin (8 years old), who absolutely LOVE scrubbing toilets and vacuuming the carpet. 😉 She also brings the MaidPro mascot, their rescue dog named Mikey, to work every day, and enjoys employing hardworking women (and men!) who love keeping their clients’ homes sparkling.

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