Measuring Height: A Preschool Math Activity

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We are proud to present this at-home learning activity developed by Moses Perez, owner of Inspiring Hearts Day School.

At Inspiring Hearts Day School, we help our preschool students learn about math through this fun activity for measuring height. This activity is geared towards children in preschool, ages 3–4. This preschool math activity will get students to collaborate by inferring and drawing conclusions.

As the teacher or parent, you will ask questions like, “Who is taller? Who is shorter? How much taller is Samantha than Sean?” First, you will demonstrate the activity, then call on your students and ask them to reflect on tall, taller, and tallest. You will also be able to do it with short, shorter, and shortest. Students will partner with one another and determine their height.

Materials and Procedure for the Measuring Height Activity

Get ready by cutting squares on a paper cutter. Then, have students in pairs lay down flat on the carpet, and use the cut out squares to measure the height of their body. When each pair of students is done measuring, they can use a glue stick or tape to stick their squares together to determine the height of their body. They will then take time to determine the measurement of their partner’s height. The teacher will go around the room and let the students share their results.

Measuring Height to Learn Preschool Math Skills and More

This activity helps build connections. Teachers work with every student, and the students interact as they make make visual comparisons. This is more personal and more concrete.

Why choose this activity? I enjoy doing this activity with our students because it gives students a clear vision of how to assess a student’s height in comparison to each other. In addition, it is a great way to get the whole class to work with one another.

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