Plaza de Armas on “Choose to Succeed”

In addition to yesterday’s Express-News article, here is more commentary on Choose to Succeed:

[Victoria] Rico says that the Brackenridge foundation simply doesn’t see any other solution showing the results of these charter programs—not smaller class sizes, merit pay, or any of the other public school reforms being tossed around, most of which have been attempted in limited trials around the United States, often with great controversy and expense. The Choose to Succeed website is full of research showing these charters outperforming public school districts all along the socio-economic continuum. Studies repeatedly indicate that for many students, these schools can close the “achievement gap” in just a few years, even for older students who have fallen far behind grade level.

“Attack of the Charters”, Ben Judson, Plaza de Armas, October 29, 2012.

Judson’s column has many good insights, so it’s worth reading the whole thing. Hopefully you are already subscribe to Plaza de Armas.

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