San Antonio School Finder Helps Families

San Antonio School Finder helps families

San Antonio School Finder is helping parents navigate the multitude of school choices offered in San Antonio. As the education landscape grows—between public charters and district choice—it can be confusing to navigate, and a daunting task for any parent. San Antonio School Finder offers a variety of fields that allows families to narrow down their choices based on student’s needs and interests from the 578 local schools featured on the site.

Finding Public Schools That Are the Right Fit

San Antonio School Finder works similarly to other search tools available on the web and allows the user to filter using keywords, programs, geographical locations, and even state accountability ratings. This ease of search is familiar and allows families to be in control of their student’s academic experience. What truly sets San Antonio School Finder apart from other web-based school search tools is that it has taken the time to build partnerships with all of the schools, districts and programs featured on the site. It gives the schools, programs, and districts the space to share their story and showcase what makes their campus or learning environment unique and special. School Finder helps parents complete the path by offering links and instructions on enrollment.

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Choose High Quality Schools

One of the great uses of the tool is how easily families can find the TEA School Accountability Ratings, composition of the school population, and programs offered. While this information may not be new to some parents, historically it has not been easily available for parent view or coupled with school unique programs. Ratings and school populations can be used as a small window into the school culture and the full picture is completed through the programs, partnerships, and clubs all also listed in the school’s page. Equipped with this information, parents can make an informed and appropriate decision for their students’ educational experience.

Simplifying Your School Search

The need for School Finder grew out of feedback we received from San Antonio families regarding the level of complexity and frustration they felt when attempting to learn about, search and explore school options. Among all of the choices to consider, parents can get lost on the different school sites and waves of information available from multiple sources. It can be especially difficult to navigate options if there are geographical restrictions, transportation is a barrier, or enrollment is difficult to complete. School Finder acknowledged the need to gather information and made it accessible on one easy to navigate site.

Knowing what the school offers prior to enrolling is helpful under any circumstances, but more importantly now that parents must also consider family needs, health and sustainability. As parents navigate through the new challenges that have been brought on by the current pandemic, school choice has become increasingly more important. San Antonio School Finder hopes to ease that burden for all San Antonio families.

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Find School Programs

A new component of the tool is the program search feature which offers information on 540 pprograms in the San Antonio area. This helps parents search for after school programs that are offered according to geographical location or school sites. Similarly to the school search, the user can apply filters for program names, types, locations, or availability.

While San Antonio School Finder is fairly new, it hopes to continue to grow and continue to offer parents an ease when searching for their “right fit” in schools and programs.

We invite you to visit San Antonio School Finder, search through all of the great features, and find your school!

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