[School photos] KIPP: Aspire Academy in San Antonio, Texas

KIPP: Aspire Academy charter school in San Antonio, Texas | San Antonio Charter Moms

Last week, I attended a KIPP: San Antonio First Friday Breakfast at KIPP Aspire Academy, a public open enrollment charter school serving grades 5-8. The campus is located at 735 Fredericksburg Rd., San Antonio, Texas 78201 (map), just south of the Deco District, in a building that formerly housed a Catholic school. The KIPP: San Antonio headquarters are located in an adjacent white stucco building at 731 Fredericksburg Rd.

This earlier post has the First Friday Breakfast schedule for 2013-14, including the next event at 7:45 a.m. on Friday, October 4, 2013 at KIPP Camino Academy, 128 S. Audubon Dr., San Antonio, Texas 78212.

KIPP: San Antonio is a Choose to Succeed partner.

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