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Solar Oven S’mores

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solar oven smores summer solstice learning
Solar Oven S’mores

In South Texas, we get plenty of sunshine in the summer.  We get so much sun that you can even cook food in a solar oven. Pandemic parenting means working with what you’ve got, right? So, on this summer solstice,… Continue Reading →

Outdoors STEM
father daughter playing family basketball day summer learning
Family Basketball Day

I take it for granted that I grew up in a home that loved sports. I know not every home had the privilege to play a sport or even gain the knowledge of how to, but for me these experiences… Continue Reading →

Outdoors Social-Emotional
stay green at home kids plant garden
Stay Green at Home

Another hot San Antonio summer is on the horizon. And Texas Disposal Systems (TDS) is here with tips and tools for making this the greenest summer yet—with a variety of fun, earth-friendly activities for moms and kids of all ages… Continue Reading →

Outdoors STEM
math games: see math in nature by counting segments in a pinapple
Discover Math All Around Us

Let me start by admitting and owning that I’m a bit of a math geek—sometimes I find myself up until three or four in the morning working on a brain teaser, and I absolutely love playing strategic board games that… Continue Reading →

Arts Outdoors STEM
Piles of old books at the flea market
Host a Book Swap

Reading offers timeless benefits, making it an excellent activity for any season. It can help combat learning loss, enhance critical thinking and vocabulary skills, provide insights into a variety of topics, and nurture socio-emotional skills and empathy. It’s also a… Continue Reading →

Literacy Outdoors
nature box walden pond summer learning
Nature Box From Walden Pond

Getting outside and getting creative: we all need to do it now more than ever. Walden Pond, an education center that draws inspiration from Henry David Thoreau, has built a creative connection to nature for generations of San Antonio children.… Continue Reading →

Arts Outdoors