Danielle Navarro Is a Parent and Leader at Lighthouse Public Schools

Danielle Navarro Lighthouse Public Schools Principal

We are proud to share this Parent Perspective guest post by Danielle Navarro, parent of two students and Principal at Lighthouse Public Schools, sharing about the high quality of education and sense of community at Lighthouse .

I am the parent of two amazing little Lighthouse Scholars, one in kindergarten and one in the PK3 program. I chose to bring both of my children to Lighthouse Public Schools because I felt that socialization and emotional learning were key components to their learning.

Parent Perspective at Lighthouse Public Schools

The PK3 program has encouraged structure, routines, and coping skills for both of my children, while helping them learn the basics needed for reading and math in a nurturing environment. It readied my older son for kindergarten, and he is ahead in his class, reading and completing math problems with ease. My boys always look forward to going to school and seeing their teacher along with other staff members who greet them daily—from janitorial to cafeteria and front office staff.

Lighthouse Public Schools is a PK–12 campus and it’s a beautiful thing to see teachers and even students from other grade levels saying hi to other students. There is a deep sense of community within the school which is one thing I truly love and appreciate. This is shown by campus activities such as the fall and spring festival, and our world day of kindness where all students participated in giving back to the community in various ways.

Leading at Lighthouse Public Schools

In addition to being a parent, I am also the campus principal of Lighthouse Public Schools, and that position provides me with a unique perspective.

If you would ask any staff member at Lighthouse, they would know that there is only one reason that we are here every single day—for the kids. We are here to serve kids, provide them an education, and provide them with any other resources or support that they may need. We are here to enlighten their hearts and minds.

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Watch Danielle Navarro, parent of two students and Principal at Lighthouse Public Schools, speak with Inga Cotton on Charter Moms Chats on May 1, 2024 at 4:00 PM Central live on Facebook and YouTube.

Danielle Navarro is the Principal at Lighthouse Public Schools. She has been at Lighthouse since 2017, starting with teaching kindergarten and then moved into the Reading Interventionist & 504 Coordinator role. Since then, she has become a National Board Certified teacher in Early and Middle Childhood Literacy. She is currently working on becoming a Dyslexia Therapist as well as obtaining her Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Language-Based Learning Disorders. It is her belief that ALL students have the capability to learn if we can show equal compassion to the heart and mind of the student. She has two children that attend Lighthouse and she is excited to help cultivate a school in which our children can learn and grow for an enlightening future.

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